Piece by piece

When we (Rachael and James) were little, there was always a jigsaw puzzle on the table. Piece by piece, moment to moment, our family put it together. Sometimes we made the jigsaw quietly, mostly we made the jigsaw laughing but we always made the jigsaw together.

Bringing the family together

Slowly, things changed. Rachael left home first, then James. We might have gone but the jigsaw remained on the table. The older we got the more it meant to us. We loved jigsaws as kids but as we grew up it became the thing pulling us back to the table, together again trying to sort sea from sky and grass from green.

The perfect fit

One day, we decided to have a crack at making our own jigsaw. We didn’t know where it would take us but we knew we liked jigsaws and we wanted to offer other people a place to be together, figuring things out piece by piece.  All we wanted was to make one jigsaw and make it well.

The final piece!

It was a hit, selling out in less than a month. So we kept making them. Rachael does the illustrations and James does the business-y bits, but we both do the dreaming. We dream of intricate puzzles and silly ones, ones that commemorate the big moments and ones that delight in the small. But mostly we dream of bringing people together around the table. Nothing too fancy, nothing too complicated, just some simple joy and a jigsaw.

Enjoy the simple things in life
Enjoy the simple things in life